The sensational Ramnefjellsfossen Falls

Waterfalls are truly natural miracles, but they truly become admirable when one can spot them. On this Earth, there are countless small and big waterfalls of which many are still to be officially named. This is the reason why we never plan a trip to such hidden jewels in the corners of our planet. But certainly, the Ramnefjellsfossen Falls are famous and many visitors are keen to explore these falls despite its risky surroundings. Check it out why! Continue reading

The architectural site of Pompeii

Pompeii, now-a-days, has grabbed its position on the tourist map as among the top historical destinations. Now in ruins, it is still a partly buried Roman city located close to Naples in the Campania area of Italy. Having its origin in the 8th century B.C., the city was totally destroyed by being buried due to a two-day terrible eruption of the Mt. Vesuvius. Continue reading

Kekova: Turkish island of sunken ruins

Standing on the waters of the Mediterranean, Kekova refers to a small, but awesome island at Turkey, which is situated close to the Antalya’s Kas district. For those who are looking forward for a heavenly trip that features a great mix of pleasant sunshine, charming underwater ruins, and swimming; a visit to the Kekova Island as well as to the nearby Kale (olden Simena) town is a must in lifetime. Continue reading